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Flute Lesson


Premium Quality, Excellent Care

What if there was a perfect balance between easy and quality? What if there was a streamlined approach for quality services and instruments? We've set out to do just that! 

Need a repair or service? Just fill out the form and we'll do the rest. We'll even handle shipping so you don't have to!

Enabling the Inner Musician

When our head technician took apart his first flute, he had no idea that he would become a trained flute technician. Now he finds his greatest joy in helping provide quality instruments and services to every great and aspiring musician and student!

Check out our inventory and services now!

Music Performer


What We Offer

Quality flute and piccolo services for our local and online customers!

And don't worry, we'll handle shipping so your instrument stays safe and secure!

Brand new silver flute, lying in a black musical instrument case. Close-up horizontal phot


Wanna upgrade but can't seem to swallow the price? Check out our certified refurbished instruments in stock now! Our flutes play like new at a fraction of the price! 

Don't forget to check out our new and demo options as well!

Assembling Flute Footjoint, Flute Maintenance.jpg

High quality repairs for optimum performance! Don't let yourself be held back by a poor playing flute. The better your flute plays, the better you play! Learn more now!

Visit locally or ship to our shop!

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Has it been more than a year since your last regular maintenance? If so, your instrument might be holding you back! Plus, your flute deserves optimum treatment! A well maintained instrument plays better, lasts longer and preserves it's value.

Qualified Techs.
Superior Quality.

How could we provide quality without well-trained technicians? We can't! 

Our Head technician has received 1-on-1 training with the same world-renowned technician who trained technicians at Haynes, Powell and more! All of our techs have received the same level of training and are held to the same high quality standards. Our technicians are Straubinger Certified.

Most repairs and services are completed within 7-14 days so you don't have to wait! We know how hard it is to be without your instrument, so we strive to deliver you quality services, fast! Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to ship?

Yep! Your case provides perfect protection. Plus, we'll send you tips on how to securely package and ship your instrument and we'll handle the rest!

(like insurance, labels and all that!)

How to get started?

Since finding the optimum service option for your instrument can be tough, just give us some info and we'll give our best recommendation and quote for your instrument!

When to upgrade?

How good do you wanna play?

Generally, the better the flute, the better you'll play. Intermediate instruments are great for the progressing student and advanced instruments take you even further!

We thrive on providing quality service and satisfaction to every musician we meet! Live worry-free with a 1 YEAR Warranty on all instrument purchases and a 60 day repair warranty on all repairs and services!

7-day return policy on all new and refurbished instruments.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Free Warranty. 
Every Time.

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