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This is our highest recommended student flute! The Trevor James flutes are legendary in the flute world, known for their rich and full sound and wonderful tone quality. Sound your best with Trevor James' most popular headjoint cut. The smooth and swift mechanism and top-notch workmanship sets the young player up for success.


Available Split-E mechanism: Helps in sounding the High-E note, recommended for young players!


Trevor James flutes are quickly becoming one of the most sought after brands by students and teachers! The 10xE is equivalent to the 10xC. The 10xC was released in 2020 when Trevor James renamed their models.


Level: Student/Beginner

Currently sells at $1100

Trevor James 10xE (10xC) Student/Beginner Flute Renewed

$1,095.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price
    • Trevor James Modern-Cut Headjoint
    • Silver Plated Head & Body
    • Available with Split-E Mechanism (See Options)
    • Closed Hole
    • C Footjoint
    • Offset G

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