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The Gemeinhardt Artisan series (2SP-A/AFL-100) is one of their newest and most innovative lines! The Artisan line of Gemeinhardt flutes feature Gemeinhardt's most loved and popular design while incorporating new generation designs and features. With the New Generation (NG1) headjoint features an innovative shaped lip plate design for effortless playing with incredible control and dynamic versatility. The classic body design facillates even scale and range, and is very durable.


The NG1 design Headjoint (available option) is an upgraded option only found on the Artisan Series (not found on the 2SP series)


This model is our best recommended budget line!


Instrument Level: Student/Beginner

Retails at $989

Gemeinhardt Artisan Student Flute renewed

$980.00 Regular Price
$389.99Sale Price
    • Gemeinhardt Headjoint
    • Silver Plated Head & Body
    • Closed Hole
    • C Footjoint
    • Offset G

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