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The Samperi Entry Pro flute is a flute of its own class! Hand-made with Soldered tone holes, this flute creates an unmatched rich and beautiful sound with stunning depth and color. If you're a fan of Haynes style flutes, you'll love this one! This Samperi is made by Eastman, the makers of the Haynes Q Series flutes. 


The closest comparison is the Haynes Q1, although the Q1 does not have completely soldered tone holes. This is one of Eastman's most economical professional flutes with a Sterling Silver Headjoint and plated body.


This flute is "fully loaded" with professional features and is the dream for the advancing player! With a Sterling Silver Head & Body, 14K GOLD Riser, C# Trill Key, and D# Roller, you don't find a better flute for the price!


Samperi is one of our best selling brands! Get yours now.


Level: Entry Professional


Samperi Authorized Dealer.

Comparable Q1 Model with similar features retails over $4670

Samperi by Makers of Haynes Silver Head Professional Flute New

$4,670.00 Regular Price
$3,790.00Sale Price
    • Silver Handcut Headjoint
    • 14K Gold Riser
    • Soldered Tone Holes on a Silver Clad Body
    • C# Trill Key
    • D# Roller
    • Open Hole Mechanism
    • B Footjoint w/ Gizmo
    • Offset G
    • Pointed Key Arms

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