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This Trevor James Cantabile (now Chanson) Flute is the perfect option for the intermediate and advancing player. Featuring a Sterling Silver Headjoitn, this flute produces a full, resonant sound with ease. This model is one of our most popular flutes of its class! This Cantabile model features the popular Silver TJ Headjoint Cut for a clear, precision tone with stunning versatility. The upgraded split-E mechanism makes the high-e note much easier to play. Comes with additional LIMITED EDITION Wooden Headjoint Crown, used for the player wanting a light, smooth sound for certain playing applications.


Equivalent to the new Chanson model as Trevor James renamed their models in 2020. 


Retails at $2000 with upgrades

Trevor James Cantabile (Chanson) Intermediate Flute Renewed

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,495.00Sale Price
    • Trevor James "TJ Cut" Sterling Silver Headjoint
    • Silver Plated Body & Foot
    • Open Hole Mechanism
    • B Footjoint w/ Gizmo
    • Offset G
    • Split-E Mechanism (not shown in stock photo)
    • Pointed Key Arms
    • additional LIMITED EDITION Wood Headjoint Crown 

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