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Myazawa flutes are adored by musicians world wide! Miyazawa flutes are characterized by their rich, deep timbre with beautifully harmonious overtones for stunning sound. Paired with the MZ-9 Handmade Sterling Silver Headjoint, with silver clad nickel-silver handmade body. Built with the Partial Brogger Pinless Mechanism for pristinely smooth key action. 


MZ-9 Headjoint: A modern version of a traditional style headjoint, it is characterized by a centered, deep tone with generous resistance and focused, laser-like projection. An ideal choice for those who use air speed to control and direct their sound.


Retails at $5000

Miyazawa 202RH Professional Handmade Flute Renewed

$5,000.00 Regular Price
$3,588.00Sale Price
    • Handmade Sterling Silver Miyazawa MZ-9 Headjoint
    • Handmade Silver Plated Nickel-Silver Body and Foot
    • Silver Plated Keys
    • B Footjoint w/ Gizmo Key
    • Open Hole Mechanism
    • Offset G
    • Drawn Toneholes
    • Pointed Key Arms
    • Partial Brogger System (Pinless Mechanism)
    • Gold Springs
    • Pro Pressed Felt Double Skin Pads

    Level: Entry-Professional, Handmade with Silver Headjoint

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